Cloud Services

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Cloud services portray a wide range of offerings, from infrastructure to software applications. Which cloud-based tool you think the most essential for moving ahead? Cloud-based technology will let your organization enjoy complete access with regards to software, storage, compute and other IT infrastructure fundamentals with no load of maintaining and advancement.

Cloud Services

The following perks in all cloud services:

+ Secure
+ Flexible
+ Smooth cash flow
+ Increases efficiency
+ Mobile and App friendly options
+ Ideal for businesses with varying bandwidth demand

Since our cloud servers offer low density, the loading time of your website or application is enhanced, at least twice.

CarYaati: A cloud service for car rental companies

Eduman: The LMS and SMS for educational institutions

Scions-Versity: A global, pre-schooling to elementary level school franchise system based on LMS, SMS, curriculum planners and teacher's training modules, etc.

Scions Mall: Online marketplace with features including multi-vendor, multi-products, affiliate system, referral system with points and sales rewards. It also offers KIOSK franchise management with currency exchange feature as well

Product Detail

Cost Effective Business Approach

VAT Integrated ERP

Personal Landing Page

Seprate Subdomain

Salik and Fine Integration

Revenue Management

Personal Customer Dashboard

Plug & Play iCloud Service

Technical Support

2048 bit Security

Data Mining/Analytics

Seprate Integration


Where Education knows no boundries

Academic Session Management

Class Wise Fee Management

Teachers Management System

Admission Management System

Course Syllabus Management

Online Fee Receipt Verification

Online Entry Test Planning System

OnlineAdmission Form

Online Entry Test System

Online Bank Fee Vouchers

Financial Management System

Invoice Management System


Your Turn To Earn



Tax & Freight


Gift Cards



Cross-selling & Up-selling

Inventory & Delivery

Customer Service


Systems Integration